Presentations to download

Conference day 1 - Lectures - Wednesday 8 May 2019

The Digitization Kit

Millard Schisler

Spectral and 3D Object Documentation Using a Modified Camera

E. Keats Webb

ISLe a solution to understand Leonardo da Vinci drawings using 3D techniques

Marco Gaiani & Fabrizio Ivan Apollonio

Ordinary Toxicity: Photographing Mid-20th Century DDT

Jay Muhlin

Cumulative lessons in more accessible photogrammetry

Naomi Dines

When the community gives back

Erik Lernestål

3D Digitization of Baroque Ceilings

John Hindmarch & Mona Hess

High-resolution Multispectral Photography

Roy Berns

Cobalt Blue - Does It Look Right?

Karl Koch

Conference day 2 - Lectures - Thursday 9 May 2019

3D scanning of art with colour management for bavarikon

Felix Horn

Digitization, Preservation + Presentation of the ANC Archive

David Larsen

20 years 200 km north of the Polar Circle

Carolina Gustafsson

Imaging Hack Days on the BL/QFP

Sotirios Alpanis & Renata Kaminska

The Smithsonian Open Source 3D Pipeline – from Preservation and Processing to Authoring and Delivery

Vince Rossi, Jon Bundell & Ralph Wiedemeier

Museums - share your 3D models!

Viktor Lindbäck

Digitizing a giant pop-up book

Clara Molina Sanchez & Shona Hunter

Conference day 3 - Workshops - Friday 10 May 2019

The challenges of photographing a silver ewer; every cloud has a silver lining

Frans Pegt

An overview of 3D digitization technologies for cultural heritage

Scott Geffert, Wilson Santiago, Jesse Ng & Deepa Paulus

Introduction to Scientific, Practical Photogrammetry Methods

Carla Schroer & Mark Mudge

Photographing Highly Reflective Black objects

Andrew Fortune