This has been an extraordinary year for many of us. The Corona pandemic has changed our lives fundamentally and the effects on our heritage industry will be radical. We will probably all face budget cuts and traveling around the world will no longer be possible for many of us. But looking at the bright side, we have learned how to reach out to each other and talk through our screens via Teams, Zoom and Skype. We followed the example of our conference partner AHFAP and replaced our 2021 conference with three online sessions last April. We are aware that nothing can replace having personal contact and meeting old friends and colleagues, but we decided to have another online conference in 2022. At the moment we are exploring the possibilities of organizing a hybrid conference in 2023.

With museums closed it has become even more urgent to open up our collections online. We deliver the most important ingredient: images. This is a big responsibility and a huge challenge.

Since 2015 we have agreed upon standardized procedures and workflows. We use either Metamorfoze or Fadgi and we aim for scientific reliable object photography. We have shared the Rijksmuseum manual on the photography of 2D- and 3D- objects in the past. Advanced technology has led to new insights and possibilities, especially with the 2D-photography protocol. Henni van Beek and Carola van Wijk have been working on a renewed edition and the first part is now available. Below you will find the updated manuals.

Cecile van der Harten

Head Image Department Rijksmuseum