2and3D Photography 2021

The Corona pandemic forced us to organize the fourth edition online. We were especially interested in how the pandemic had influenced your daily work and we were not disappointed with the submissions for our Call for Papers. The live sessions were attended by an impressive number of colleagues from all over the world and the recorded sessions were watched by an ever-increasing audience.

Day 1, 2 June

  • Marco Gaiani & Fabrizio Ivan Apollonio: A smartphone-based workflow for reproduction using 3D models
  • Christopher Campbell: Optimizing the Digitization of Paintings and Drawings
  • Cristiana Barandoni: Communicating Polychromy on ancient sculptures
  • Ben Kreunen: High resolution scanning of over-sized foldouts via photogrammetry

Day 2, 9 June

  • Kurt Heumiller: Case Study: Capturing Starry Night in 3D
  • Rebecca Rochat & Demian Tschumi: 3D digitization of stop-motion animated puppets
  • Charles Walbridge & Dan Dennehy: Virtual objects + virtual lights = virtual photostudio
  • Jitte Waagen & Tijm Lanjouw: Drone photogrammetry for conservation research: Dubuffet’s Jardin d’émail

Day 3, 16 June

  • Scott Geffert: Implementing a Combined 2&3D Imaging Campaign
  • Vince Rossi & Jamie Cope: Augmenting Our Reality: 3D Automation, Experience, and Delivery
  • Scott Geffert, Anna-Marie Kellen, Tim Healing, Hashim Hama Abdullah, Osama Shukir Muhammed Amin, Hayman Noori Fattah: The Metropolitan Museum of Art-International Outreach: Behind the scenes publication photography at the Slemani Museum, Kurdistan, Iraq
  • Wim Hupperetz: Artificial Intelligence and the impact on visual storytelling: creating multi-layered complex heritage narratives